Get Started For Free

OK so you’re ready to get started. If you didn't already know, your first admin user is free and once your first admin is signed up, that person will have the ability to set up payment and then invite additional admins and users.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Assign someone in the team to act as your workspace’s first ‘admin’. The ‘admin’ role is more glamorous than it sounds. It’s the person who will scout the workspace and determine precisely which solutions your org will use and in which order
  2. That person may then invite additional users and assign some with ‘admin’ status if they will be involved in setting up templates and permissions within your workspace
  3. Onboarding is entirely self-serve for both admins and users and there are numerous ways to self-learn the best ways to use your workspace

Fill in the form to apply for access and look out for instructions in your email.