Poetry for Recruiters

ATSs, CRMs, video tools, assessment services, social networks, job boards, Chrome extensions, Excel lists, bookmarks, talent intelligence, L&D systems, folders, gateways and 20 tabs open at all times. We get it; life of a recruiter can be chaotic with all these different technologies designed to help you achieve your objectives. We think about this as ‘toggle tax’.


It’s stressful trying to do your job while remembering where to get all the content and information you need. That’s why we created our recruiter enablement workspace, Poetry; an easy-to-use launchpad to the content and tools you need to perform at your best.

Specifically, Poetry allows the central management of all the content assets you need for outreach messages, social media posts, InMails, job adverts and more. It gives you access to crib sheets and beautiful interactive offer-management templates and you can share content with each other, including notes, recommendations and performance information. And if there’s nothing suitable in your company’s libraries, you’ll have access to AI-powered content generation with pre-embedded prompts so you can create new assets and instantly submit them for feedback or approval.


To help you skill up, Poetry provides several native learning solutions and you can easily connect best-of-breed e-learning platforms such as LinkedIn Learning and SocialTalent.

The Poetry recruiter enablement workspace also includes competitor battle cards, so you can share your market knowledge across your talent acquisition team as you learn, candidate enablement, hiring manager enablement and libraries for employment laws, policies, processes and more.