The Poetry recruiter enablement workspace brings together many solutions recruiters need, to be more productive and successful. Many solutions are native but many aren’t so we allow admins to connect any 3rd party services to their workspace in order to reduce ‘toggle tax’. 

To do this they simply add the URL which opens the service they require and add it as a ‘tile’ to their workspace.

We will always allow any 3rd party service to be added to the Poetry recruiter enablement workspace and in 2024 we will develop a ‘featured services’ program, which will promote 1-2 preferred services for each solution.

Contact us if you are a recruitment or HR technology provider interested in applying to be part of our ‘featured services’ program. 

Contact us if you would like to initiate a API connection or add Poetry to your marketplace. 

Also contact us if you would like to present us with a sales partnership opportunity. 

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