Features & Benefits

Within the Poetry recruiter enablement workspace, we provide native solutions to recruitment marketing, recruitment operations, recruiter learning and recruiter tools (MOLT).

These solutions are all accessible via tiles on our recruiter desktop. Specifically:

  • Recruitment marketing: content management and content development from talent attraction to onboarding and internal mobility 
  • Recruitment operations: agency enablement, candidate enablement, hiring manager enablement, policies, processes and more 
  • Recruiter learning: onboarding for new TA team starts and tactical 'must know' updates for all team members 
  • Recruiter tools: in-built modules including battle cards and wikis and quick links to your ATS, Indeed, LinkedIn, SocialTalent and more 
  • Why? Because some organizations use generic enterprise file storage systems to manage this today while most have no solution. Talent acquisition and RPO teams will prefer Poetry because of our ease-of-use, data, insights and ability to collaborate across teams and learn from users in other companies.

Functionality List

  • Marketing content management
  • Marketing content creation
  • GenerativeAI marketing text assistance
  • GenerativeAI marketing image assistance
  • Marketing distribution
  • Marketing content approvals
  • Marketing content design
  • Marketing performance algorithm
  • Personas and other marketing tools
  • Policy management
  • Process management
  • Agency enablement
  • Candidate enablement
  • Team onboarding learning
  • Team knowledge management
  • Recruitment performance e-learning
  • Self-service product guidance
  • Battle cards and competitor intelligence
  • Boolean and X-ray string builder
  • Connecting 3rd party services to workspace
  • Performance data & analytics
  • Performance coaching
  • Task reminders
  • User language settings
  • Applicant tracking
  • Candidate relationship management

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