Poetry for Recruitment Marketers

Job adverts, InMails, social media posts, drip marketing messages, videos, personas, infographics, colleague stories…. Wow, your recruiters need to make use of a lot of content to get their jobs done and it’s your job to make sure they don’t need to create new copy and assets each time and that they’ve got everything they need at hand to perform for the business. Hope you already knew that! ;-)

So how are you doing this? Are you using some kind of make-shift content library in Drive or SharePoint? Maybe you’re doing nothing yet in this area? Are your recruiters going off creating their own assets and re-doing them from scratch, over and over? How do you feel about all that?

We knew we had to build this when we heard about three recruiters in the same team writing the same job advert in different ways on the same day….

You're the Poet Laureates

The Poetry recruiter enablement workspace is for you, recruitment marketers. You’re the poet laureates around here and it’s your job to make sure your recruiters have instant access to great content in all the libraries which correspond to their solution requirements and if they need to create new assets, you’re hooked to the approvals system handing out green or amber lights for email copy, outreach messaging, social media posts, job adverts and more.

Consistent Marketing 

There’s more. With the Poetry recruiter enablement workspace, you can ensure recruiters are delivering a consistent experience of the EVP you’ve so carefully crafted, via crib sheets, persona-building, job visualisation and beautiful offer-management templates. You can use Poetry to seamlessly update recruiters on new messaging and USPs so they can continually enhance their performance and productivity.

Content Creation

Yes we offer generative AI to help recruiters produce new content for your approval but we firmly believe that should only be done if your libraries have already been explored. And we’ve pre-loaded the prompt engine so your recruiters’ content represents your company’s tone of voice and is optimised for inclusion.

Life of a recruiter can be chaotic with all the different technologies designed to help them achieve their objectives. With the Poetry recruiter enablement workspace however, recruitment marketers can streamline life for recruiters with rapid access to the content assets and tools they need to be as productive and successful as possible.